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Arranging Blood


Did you know that, "India has 2,708 blood banks, but 81 districts still lack one, according to government data? Chhattisgarh has the most districts without a blood bank, followed by Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh". Some of the states have excess of blood in the banks where as some centers have a huge shortage. As per the recent research study, "Every year our nation requires about 12 million units of blood, out of which only 9 million units of blood are available."

Thousands or you can say lakhs of people die due to lack of blood availability on time. You will be surprised to know that, "More than 38,000 blood donations are needed every day. As every two seconds someone needs blood."

Having a blood bank in the area is good but still there are loads of cities in India which do not have the facility of blood bank and have lost numerous lives due to non availability of blood on time. People travel to different cities, sometimes states in order to get more better treatment along with better availability of blood. However, most of the people are not aware of the facilities available in different cities. Here, HNH comes into the picture; we offer the services of providing blood to everyone who need in very short span of time.

Arranging Blood

Doesn’t matter which city you are in, if you are attached with HNH then you will receive all the necessary assistance you require for the patient.

HNH has spread its blanket in most of the areas of the country and is always eager to help as many people as possible. In literal sense or meaning blood bank is the part of hospital where blood is stored and proper form of testing is done. However, every hospital does not hold the license of storing the blood; hence patients need to contact blood banks in order to get some.

HNH stays in contact with the blood banks in all the major cities, therefore getting blood from the blood bank in the concerned area becomes easy with the help of this group.

In case of numerous chronic diseases, requirement of 2, 3, 4 or 10 units of blood is a very common thing. As discussed earlier as well, every city does not have the facility of blood bank and going to a big city for the same is really a hard task. Sometimes patient’s die, when the relatives are not able to arrange the blood. Therefore, if the patient will get the treatment through HNH then they don’t have to worry for the availability of blood or not. As HNH will take care of blood availability and the relatives also do not have to donate any blood.

HNH has taken this initiative to help as many people in Himachal eventually all over India as they can, because we understand the importance of good health treatment for everyone. We believe in offering equal opportunity to get treatment to everyone in all the states of the country.

Key Features

It’s now time to skip the waiting room just to get a consultation from your doctor because HNH is here to get you the right doctor for the right medical opinion and more. Some of the key features that come along with finding the right doctor opinion at HNH are as follows:

  • Don't have to call every blood bank in the area
  • Can arrange all types of blood groups
  • Minimal amount of time
  • Less formalities
  • Easy process

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