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Arranging Cab or Taxi


Being in the small city where there are not much of the facilities available regarding health treatment is a common problem in several parts of India. Because of this reason patients and their relatives travel to big cities to get the proper treatment. However, the city is strange and nobody knows the ways of commutation in this strange place. Well being with HNH can solve this problem with ease.

Being in a strange city will not hamper your commutation from hospital to the residential area you are putting up and vice versa. The facility is available for the patient and one or two relatives with them. Other information depends upon the terms and conditions of the company as well as the package you have chosen. HNH is always a step ahead to help the clients attached to their group in any way possible.

Arranging a cab or taxi will not be charged extra from the patient other family if they are the part of the HNH family. Which means getting the complete treatment from HNH will automatically allow you to make use of this facility as well.

>Arranging Cab

Numerous kind of diseases or health issues makes the body to weak to function properly, which means they can handle walking few steps as well, in those cases as well the team of HNH helps in getting the right vehicle at your doorstep in just a single call. These ambulance will take patient from any city to the concerned hospital doesn’t matter how far is the hospital.

HNH is trying to make this facility available in most of the states of the country starting from Himachal Pradesh. After covering the ground of Himachal we will step into the working of other states as well. It is just the matter of time when HNH will have their ambulance or taxi facility or the patients in all the parts of the country.

These ambulances are the part of HNH team. These vehicles have all the modern amenities available which are required by the patient and their family members. These amenities keep the patient safe and secure until they reaches the concerned hospital.

Key Features

Some features of this facility from HNH are as follows:

  • No worries for commuting from hospital to home in the strange city.
  • Very low rates, since you are the part of HNH family.
  • 24X7 availability for the patient and the family.
  • Available in just a call from the concerned person.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Complete background check of the driver and the vehicle before assigning.

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