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Arranging Healthy Food


Going into the hospital can be a stressful time for patients and families alike. This becomes especially true when patients have to be admitted at medical facilities for further observation and care. It is during such times when a patient needs proper nutrition and a diet that is fit for their medical condition. More so, the hospital also needs to provide healthy food to the attendee who is taking care of the patient while he/she is admitted in the hospital. However, the fact is that many medical institutions lack this facility, making the stay of the patient and their loved ones in the medical facility a struggle.

Wholesome, nourishing and well-balanced meals are an important part of an ongoing treatment and are necessary to speed up the recovery of a patient. Hence, the HNH team makes every effort to provide nutritious meals that prepared according to the doctor’s orders. As a patient with HNH, we will ensure that you are visited each day by a member of our Food and Nutrition team, who will tell you about our services, help you with your selection of meals, and deliver meals and snacks to you throughout the day.

Arranging Healthy Food

The good news is that our team not only does this for you as a patient but also for your loved ones who stay by your side to take care of you. We understand that your finances are already in jeopardy with all the hospital bills that you and your family members have to bear and that is why we ensure to provide you with only the best quality healthy food, at a very low cost.

Furthermore, not every hospital has a 24 hour canteen facility. This is why we at HNH try to accommodate all the necessary needs of the patient and people with them. At HNH we take nutrition into serious account. That is why before we serve you we also ensure to ask you for food preferences while also taking into consideration any type of food allergies or intolerances that you or your loved one staying with you might have.

For patients on specially prescribed diets, a Food Service employee will review their meal order to assure that selections are appropriate. Any recommended modifications will be discussed with the patient.

Some of the key features of our food arrangement services

Any ward that a patient might be in, our team member will be available to serve them. Your recovery and health is a top priority for all of our staff involved in patient care. That is why our trained team with a special interest in nutrition is there for you to ensure that all nutrition policies and procedures are adhered to and that patients are receiving the food and nutrition that they require. Some of the key features of our food arrangement facilities are:

  • We only serve you fresh and healthy food
  • Our food prices are affordable for anyone
  • Our services are available to the patient or the attendee 24X7 everyday
  • We ensure delivery of food to the hospital you are in after following proper guidelines
  • Our food is 100% safe and hygienic

If ever, you or a relative are worried about what you might be eating or drinking, just raise your concerns with our team and we will appropriate action if there is a problem.

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